The Process

When you start working on a new doll, it takes about a year to create the full sculpt of a body. You start with visualizing the form, the system of joints, its proportions, and the size of the body, then you sketch it all out. Accurate proportions and configurations of the ball joints will help create realistic movements like a real human body. You have to become an engineer when it comes to working out the joint system, a seamstress so that your creations will have clothing to wear, and Michelangelo himself when it comes to sculpting the actual body of the doll. It is quite a fascinating process to see a mass of clay turning into a particular form that you’ve envisioned, slowly taking its shape. But then the real magic begins. All of the sudden, this form starts to change. It chooses its own path, regardless of what your original vision was. It starts to show its own personality. It’s almost like you are having a conversation – you’re bringing in a certain idea and seeing if it will be accepted or not. Sometimes it surprises you with something completely unplanned, and just turns out in the most perfect way that you hadn’t even thought of.

Materials I use for mold making and casting are the top quality products, coming from Smooth-On. This company has truly mastered the skill of creating molds and working with varieties of resins.

Below are some pictures taken in the studio: