High Priestess


This is OOAK (one of a kind) Ball Jointed Doll. Designed in genuinely artistic style, based on Ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs describing the Goddess Hathor. I also intertwined mystical roots from other cultures and legends that would link us to the Tarot cards representing High Priestess of the Tarot.



This product includes:
  • Doll’s body as shown on the picture with ornaments and gold leaf, head, wig, crown and a set of eyes.
  • Package Box
  • Certificate

Measurements/ Dimensions:

Height : 57cm (including head)
Neck : 7.5cm
Shoulder width(including arm) : 10.9cm
Chest : 21cm
Waist : 14.5cm
Hips : 25cm

Arm (to wrist from shoulder) : 16.5cm
Leg (to ankle from waist) : 29.9cm
Feet length : 6cm
Feet width : 2.3cm

Eyes: 12 – 14 mm