Dream Catchers


Dream Catchers is a very new series of characters I am developing at the moment. I am using the new sculpt of the body which has amazing joint movements and some additional hip joints which allows her to imitate human body movements even better.  I am using an extremely fun tool to create their hair pieces. It's a 3Doodler pen, which allows me to sculpt in the air as I go.

The Dream Catchers include full headdresses, unique tattoos, and many accessories (but no clothes).

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This product includes:
  • Ful set: head and body
  • Wig
  • Eyes
  • Body blushing and tattoos
  • Headdress
  • Jewelry and accessories
  • Package Box
  • Certificate

Measurements/ Dimensions:

Height : 57cm (including head)
Neck : 7.5cm
Shoulder width(including arm) : 10.9cm
Chest : 21cm
Waist : 14.5cm
Hips : 25cm

Arm (to wrist from shoulder) : 16.5cm
Leg (to ankle from waist) : 29.9cm
Feet length : 6cm
Feet width : 2.3cm

Eyes: 12 – 14 mm

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