I have been in the visual art world for over 20 years. I started with fine art techniques like oil painting and pencil drawing. My primary focus in art school was printmaking, book illustrating, sculpting, including more advanced drawing and painting skills. Always interested in new techniques and other art forms, I began experimenting. I was utterly entranced the first time I saw Ball Jointed Dolls; from that moment on, I was hooked. I learned every detail of the process, from sculpting to mold making and casting. I fell in hook, line, and sinker, and there was no looking back.

It took me approximately a year to complete my first BJD. It was a challenge, but it’s one of the most exciting and creative projects I’ve been involved with.

These dolls are my personal statement combining many techniques to achieve a magical outcome.

If you have any questions about the process please feel free to contact me at sculptress@dollutopia.com.

Why choose a Utopia Doll?

  • One of a kind – my dolls are handmade to perfection.
  • Artistic pieces – they’re individually designed, beautiful creations.
  • Double-jointed – each engineered with 165 degree movement.
  • Highest quality materials – for your fullest enjoyment of the art piece.
  • Not mass produced in the Far East (China, etc.) – made lovingly by hand in my studio.
  • Utopia Dolls are simply the best ball jointed dolls on the market.

Below are some sample images. Go to the Dolls page for more information.